Spring Statement 2022 – Key Announcements For Businesses

Key announcements for businesses

Businesses are facing a challenging time with soaring energy costs, disruption to supply chains, interest rate increases, wage inflation and recruitment challenges with currently 1.3 million vacancies across the UK. The Chancellor set out in the Mais Lecture the Government’s focus to address these issues. Capital – cutting and reforming taxes on business investment to encourage firms to invest in … Read More

Spring Statement 2022 – Income Tax & National Insurance


National Insurance Sunak says the planned 1.25% rise in national insurance contributions must remain, as a “dedicated funding source” for health and social care.  In 2022/23 the rate of primary Class 1 NICs for employees charged on their earnings, the rate of secondary Class 1 NICs for employers charged on their employees’ earnings, and the rate of Class 4 NICs … Read More