How to appeal against a late filing penalty

If you are one of the 850,000 UK tax payers who recently received a late filing penalty notice for 2011/12, you may feel that you have a reasonable excuse for not having met the deadline. HMRC has its own definition for what constitutes a ‘reasonable excuse’ giving the following main examples: a failure in the HMRC computer system a serious illness, … Read More

HMRC issues 850,000 late filing penalties at £100 each

If you were late in filing your 2011/12 self assessment tax return, you will soon be receiving a late filing penalty through the post for £100. And even if no tax is due, if you filed your return after the 31 Jan deadline, you are still liable to pay this fine. For those still owing tax, settle any balancing payments amount as … Read More

Only 2 days to file your paper tax return!

If you’re not a convert to filing your tax return online, you’ve got until the end of this Wednesday to file your tax return in paper format for the tax year 2011/12. If you’re late, don’t despair! You still have until 31 January 2013 to file your return, either via HMRC’s software or through an agent.  For those who’ve decided to file … Read More

Half a million taxpayers set to receive late filing penalties

Are you one of the half a million UK taxpayers who has recently received a penalty letter from HM Revenue & Customs for not yet filing your 2010/11 tax return? Each fine is a minimum of £1,200 comprising £900 maximum daily penalties and a further penalty of £300 or 5% of the tax due (whichever is higher). Anyone who has … Read More