Apply to payroll benefits in kind by 5.4.19

Employers seeking to payroll benefits in kind for the tax year 2019/20 should apply to do so by 5 April 2019. Application is through the HMRC website.  One advantage of using the online service for payrolling benefits is that it eliminates the need to prepare and submit P11Ds although P11D(b) forms will need to be submitted to pay over Class … Read More

Payrolling benefits in kind – could it work well for your business?

From April 2016, companies who wish to payroll employees’ benefits and expenses are able to make use of new PAYE legislation being introduced by HM Revenue and Customs. Organisations will have the option of using the online Payrolling Benefits in Kinds (PBIK) service instead of logging their information on a P11D. Companies must register to use the new service, which … Read More