Twelve reasons why you should do your tax return earlier

Twelve reasons why you should do your tax return earlier. How was it for you? The process of submitting your 2016/17 tax return, that is… Congratulations if you submitted in plenty of time. However….. Did you miss the 31 Jan filing deadline (incurring a rather unwelcome late filing penalty) or squeeze it in at the last minute? Was it yet … Read More

Submitting your tax return online

If you’re still filing your self assessment tax return the old fashioned way on paper but have the option of filing online, once the 31 October 2013 deadline has passed it might be a good time to register for online filing. Choosing this option means you have until 31 January following the end of the tax year (so, for the … Read More

Only 2 days to file your paper tax return!

If you’re not a convert to filing your tax return online, you’ve got until the end of this Wednesday to file your tax return in paper format for the tax year 2011/12. If you’re late, don’t despair! You still have until 31 January 2013 to file your return, either via HMRC’s software or through an agent.  For those who’ve decided to file … Read More