Mini Budget 2022 – Key Announcements For Businesses

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Corporation Tax From April 23 the rate of corporation tax was set to rise to 25% for business with taxable profits above £250,000, and only those businesses with profits under £50,000 remaining at 19%. As had been highly predicted the rate increase has been reversed with the 19% rate set to stay in place for all profit levels. This will … Read More

What the mini Budget means for you & what it should have included

VAT, Stamp Duty and the Job Retention Bonus – what the ‘mini Budget’ means for you In last week’s ‘mini Budget’ Chancellor Rishi Sunak unveiled further help to kick start the UK economy which included cuts to VAT and Stamp Duty. Here’s what the changes mean for you and what we think of them: VAT – The rate of VAT … Read More