Budget 2021 – Key announcements for businesses


CORPORATION TAX As widely predicted the Chancellor announced an increase to corporation tax rates from April 2023 to 25% for taxable profits above £250,000, which is slightly higher than the 23% rumors pre-Budget. Currently we have one unified tax rate of 19% and this will remain for business with taxable profits of up £50,000 with a tapering relief provisions in … Read More

Budget 2017 – corporation tax

Corporation Tax With the UK having the lowest corporate tax rate in the G20 and rates set to reduce to 19% from April this year and a further reduction to 17% in April 2020, there was no surprise at this stage that no further major announcements were made in respect of corporate tax, as current policies support the business tax … Read More

Budget Highlights 2013 – Personal tax highlights

Budget 2013 Highlights Budget 2013 – A Budget for the ‘Aspiration Nation’ Chancellor Osborne hailed the UK an ‘aspiration nation’ and his Budget was designed to help those who wanted to work hard and encourage employment in the UK. The economics in brief: Chancellor confirmed the debt targets had been missed and he would be borrowing more than planned, although … Read More