Tax-Free Childcare – are you eligible?

It is frustrating to see headlines reporting that only one fifth of eligible families are taking advantage of the new Tax-Free Childcare system which provides help with the costs of childcare. There appear to be several reasons for this, including confusion about the options, a lack of publicity and parents wanting to stick with the old Childcare Voucher system. Childcare … Read More

Changes to tax-free childcare

There are changes to tax-free childcare later this year which will affect millions of working parents. Time is running out for parents wanting to join Childcare Voucher schemes (CV) as after 4.10.18, such schemes will be closed to new parents. The government has been phasing in the new tax-free childcare scheme as a replacement for vouchers. However, parents can only … Read More

Changes to tax-free childcare – an update

Changes to tax-free childcare were announced in the Autumn Statement 2013, with further proposals announced in this year’s March Budget. It is proposed that the current system of tax-free childcare vouchers is phased out to make way for a new tax-free childcare scheme, open to children under the age of twelve and effective from Autumn 2015. The government plans to … Read More