The advantages of using a probate-licensed accountant

Why use a probate-licensed accountant? The law changed a few years ago in respect of probate and Curo Chartered Accountants was one of the first ICAEW – regulated firms to become a probate-licensed accountant. It’s a natural extension of our existing services and includes tax planning, estate accounts and business valuation work. Prior to grant of probate, it’s important to … Read More

Proposals to increase probate fees – time for some tax planning?

Recent government proposals have been announced whereby individuals would be forced to pay up to £20,000 in compulsory government probate fees. Currently, only estates valued at less than £5,000 are exempt from the government probate fee. Under the new proposals, the threshold would increase to £50,000. Supporters of the plans argue that this would exempt 60% of people from paying … Read More

Probate – what you need to know

Probate – what’s changed? The law has changed in respect of probate. The Lord Chancellor has granted approval for the ICAEW to offer probate services, subject to satisfying various requirements including passing probate exams. Curo Chartered Accountants is one of the first ICAEW – regulated firms in the West Midlands licensed to carry out probate work which we see as a … Read More