Claiming the tax-free marriage allowance

marriage allowance

The tax-free marriage allowance has been around since 6 April 2015, allowing up to 10% of unused personal allowance to be transferred between spouses and civil partners resulting in a tax saving at 20%. Currently this works out at £12,570 @10% @20% = £251 tax saving. The Rules: The transferor must have unused personal allowance i.e. earn below the PA … Read More

The new marriage allowance – do you qualify?

Married? Civil Partnership? You might be £212 a year better off From Feb 2015, millions of married couples are being invited to apply for the marriage allowance scheme, worth up to £212 per year. It works by transferring up to £1,060 of unused personal allowance from one spouse or civil partner to their partner, where that recipient partner is paying … Read More