Insuring your business against an HMRC enquiry

HMRC enquiry activity is at record levels and having fee protection insurance against such an enquiry will give peace of mind, should you be targeted.

Part of the reason for the increase in HMRC enquiries is the targets the governent has set the Revenue in collecting underpaid taxes. The government is keen to not only collect what is outstanding but to also levy penalties where they are due and in part the monies recovered will go towards reducing the budget deficit.

HMRC has been granted wider powers of investigation and is actively carrying out Business Record Checks, compliance visits and interventions covering all taxes. It is also having a crackdown on specific groups and under the spotlight recently have been groups including plumbers, Avon ladies, cricket clubs and those trading on ebay.

Anyone who pays tax could face an enquiry and even if your tax and business records are found to be in order, an HMRC enquiry could still end up costing you/your busines thousands of pounds. For many people, the prospect of being faced with an HMRC enquiry is a worrying one and we would almost always advise that you engage an experienced, qualified professional accountant to advise you throughout the process.

We offer a competitively-priced fee protection insurance against HMRC enquiries and this covers:

  • your accountant’s professional defence costs, which can often be substantial
  • attendance at any meeting with HMRC
  • access to Employment Law and Health & Safety advice lines

The following items aren’t included in the service:

  • routine compliance work, e.g. preparation of tax returns
  • any tax, interest or penalties due
  • criminal prosecutions and fraud
  • enquiries commenced prior to subscribing to the service

If you’re interesting in finding out more about protecting you and your business against an HMRC enquiry, please contact Curo’s head of tax, Julia Whelan on [email protected] or call Julia on 01527 558539.

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