HMRC visits – what to expect

HMRC has recently published information explaining what taxpayers can expect when an HMRC ‘Field Force Collector’ knocks on the door.

Only direct HMRC employees will be despatched to collect unpaid debts and they are required to carry HMRC ID. Ensure you ask to see this ID to satisfy yourself that the person on your doorstep is a bona fide HMRC Collector. HMRC doesn’t use debt collection agencies to undertake this area of work.

The Collector will tell you how much money you owe. If you don’t agree that you owe this amount, you’ll need to provide evidence supporting your claim. This could be in the form of a bank statement or email confirmation.

If you’re unable to provide proof of payment, the Collector has the right to seize goods to the value of the debt. Your goods will be collected shortly after and impounded for sale at auction with proceeds less costs going towards your outstanding debts.

There are various legal requirements on the part of the Collector, including him needing to see the goods being seized and leaving the taxpayer with all relevant paperwork & forms.

More guidance can be found here.

Curo Chartered Accountants
August 2013

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