Forensic & litigation support services


The new forensic and litigation support services offered by Bromsgrove based Curo Chartered Accountants add a superior level of support for family lawyers looking for complete clarity in financial and taxation matters.

Curo Chartered Accountants have always provided a comprehensive service portfolio for family lawyers, but their new forensic and litigation support goes one step further. This new service offers a unique support solution which is both professional and sensitive, during a time which is often difficult for all parties.

Anna Madden, Partner at Curo takes us through what we can expect from the new services – “Our new forensic and litigation support is designed to give family lawyers a greater level of support with their client cases. This can include piecing together a full picture of an individual’s financial position, highlighting any anomalies and scrutinising the tiniest details to ensure information provided is accurate from an accounting and taxation point of view. In addition to this we can attend court proceedings and act as a Single Joint Expert Witness.” Anna adds “Through our work with various solicitors across the West Midlands and beyond, we have come to realise there is a need to support client cases in this niche area”.

The Curo forensic and litigation support services includes valuations for limited companies, LLPs and incorporated entities, tax advisory, due diligence, forensic matters and Form E reviews. Fully trained and up to date, Anna and the team at Curo are highly experienced and can provide family lawyers with a unique solution.

For more information regarding Curo’s forensic and litigation support service for family matters, please call 01527 558539 or email [email protected]. There’s more info about how we can help online – please take a look at our website.