Budget 2013 – Measures unchanged following consultation

This section lists those measures where draft legislation has been published for consultation and no changes were made as a result or small, technical amendments have been made to the final legislation to be introduced in Finance Bill 2013. Personal tax Income tax basic rate limit and personal allowance 2013-14 Tax status of Universal Credit Cap on unlimited tax reliefs … Read More

Budget 2013 – Analysis of key issues

Budget 2013 – A more in-depth analysis of the key points Following our summary on Budget Day of some of the Budget highlights, we’ve taken a closer look at some of the issues most relevant to our clients and contacts. It’s also been interesting to let the dust settle in the last few days and gauge the reactions of a … Read More

Budget 2013 – Help to Buy Scheme

In an attempt to help more people onto the housing market and boost the property sector Chancellor Osborne announced the launch of the ‘Help to Buy’ scheme, with the government providing an equity loan of up to 20% of the new property’s value. ‘Help to Buy’ consists also of a mortgage guarantee scheme with lenders incentivised to make more mortgages available … Read More

Budget 2013 – Statutory Residence Test (SRT)

From 6 April 2013, a new statutory residence test is to be introduced via the Finance Bill 2013 with a new definition for the tax status of individuals This follows an intense consultation which has been a grey area for advisors and HMRC alike, replacing all existing legislation, case law and guidance. The SRT will apply to income tax, capital … Read More

Budget 2013 – Employment Allowance’ (EA) and Employment-Related Loans

Employment Allowance (EA) The Chancellor asked businesses what would help them recruit more staff and his solution to their requests for NIC breaks was an ‘Employment Allowance’. Available to all businesses and charities from April 2014, the EA will reduce an employer’s NIC bill by up to a maximum of £2,000. Over 90% of the benefit is expected to go … Read More

Budget 2013 – Corporation Tax Rates

Another key aim of the coalition has been to make the UK one of the most competitive tax regimes in the G20 through lowering the main rate of tax. This Budget achieved that aim with the main rate of corporation tax reduced to 20% from 1 April 2015. From this date, the main and small companies rates will be aligned … Read More

Budget 2013 – Tax-Free Childcare Support

Details of a new scheme to encourage parents back to work by helping  cover childcare costs had already been announced the day before the Budget. However, it warranted another mention in the Chancellor’s speech in a move which will be welcomed by working families, especially those who have suffered the loss of their Child Benefit. From autumn 2015, the government … Read More

Curo Complete Budget Highlights 2013

Budget 2013 Highlights Budget 2013 – A Budget for the ‘Aspiration Nation’ Chancellor Osborne hailed the UK an ‘aspiration nation’ and his Budget was designed to help those who wanted to work hard and encourage employment in the UK. The economics in brief: Chancellor confirmed the debt targets had been missed and he would be borrowing more than planned, although … Read More

Budget Highlights 2013 – Property, Booze and Fuel

Further anouncements made by the Chancellor included:  Property Help to Buy Scheme The Chancellor referred to the UK as an  ‘aspiration nation’ and in a nod to the UK’s aspiring home owners,  launched the ‘Help to Buy’ scheme, providing a government backed equity loan of up to 20% of the new property’s value. The scheme will be in place for … Read More

Budget 2013 – What’s missing?

And what’s missing from today’s Budget…… Here are some of the things not included in the Budget: There was no call for the reduction of 62% rate of tax from earners between £100,000 and £116,210 to remove such a high rate of tax for individuals in this range. No freezing of business rates to help businesses with increasing cost pressures. … Read More