Budget 2013 – What’s missing?

And what’s missing from today’s Budget……

Here are some of the things not included in the Budget:

  • There was no call for the reduction of 62% rate of tax from earners between £100,000 and £116,210 to remove such a high rate of tax for individuals in this range.
  • No freezing of business rates to help businesses with increasing cost pressures.
  • Conservatives requests for marriage tax allowances to allow stay at home parents haven’t materialised – this would have helped compensate for the reduction in the Child Benefit for many couples and has been the focus of political pressure recently. This falls in with the ‘work’ focus of the Budget rather than helping parents stay at home.

We will follow up with a more detailed look at some of the key issues and hope to publish this early next week in our Spring Newsletter.

Please contact Curo’s Head of Tax, Julia Whelan on [email protected] or call Julia on 01527 558539 if you would like to discuss today’s Budget in more detail..