Benefits to having an audit

Whether UK statutory law requires your business to have an audit or not, having Curo provide it can give your business an extra boost come report time. Here’s the lowdown on why our audit services can be a game-changer:

  1. Nailing Accounting Hiccups Audits are like detectives for your accounting systems. We’ll find the weak spots and present you with suggestions to make you accounting systems stronger.
  2. Robust Accuracy Get peace of mind with an audit—This is especially useful to directors who are not involved in the day-to-day finance functions of the business, as they can be assured that the information they are receiving is correct, reducing the risk of fraud and poor accounting.
  3. Expert Advice from Your Accountant We dive deep into your business, so your accountant will have a far more insightful understanding too. This allows for better internal processes and tax planning for example.
  4. Wowing Potential Buyers If selling your business is on the cards, an audit makes your accounts rock-solid. Prospective buyers are always appreciative of the boost in credibility and reliability.
  5. Credit Rating Boost Audits aren’t just for show—they can give your credit rating a welcome boost with better access to credit from suppliers and lenders.

At Curo, we’ve provided audit services to all kinds of business—from small family businesses to global players. We’re all about understanding your business and making the audit process slick, strong, and packed with value.

Should you wish to find out more please give the Curo team a call at 01527 558539 or via email at [email protected].