All companies require an audit unless they are eligible for the audit exemption, so it is always best practise to confirm if your company or group meets the exemptions.

Whether an audit of the business is required by statute or not, by having an audit you can obtain a competitive advantage when filing an audit report along with your financial statements. Commercially, an audit gives the user of your financial statements comfort that they present a true and fair view and can be invaluable when securing finance or when looking to sell the business. This can be an advantage for investors, suppliers and employees.

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Curo as your auditor – We work with a full range of audit clients, including owner managers, complex groups, UK subsidiaries with overseas parents and fast expanding businesses. We pride ourselves on understanding your business and ensuring the process is efficient and robust and adds value.

Our internal audit services ensure business systems are robust and efficient, highlighting areas of control weakness. We assess, suggest and leave your business in a better place than before.

Additionally, we have a wealth of experience delivering specialist audits such as government grants and charities. If you represent one of these entities, you may be aware that the reporting requirements are different. Appointing an experienced auditor or reviewer who understands the various rules and guidelines is essential to meeting your reporting obligations. We can help you understand and satisfy all your reporting requirements and identify other areas to improve the financial health of your business.


We prepare financial statements under all the accounting standards. We will ensure you meet your filing requirements for all relevant statutory authorities.

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Tax rules change frequently and unless you’re a tax specialist, you can’t be expected to keep up. Whether you’re an individual or business, your foray into the world of tax falls into 2 categories; compliance and advisory.

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We offer valuation services for a range of requirements such as on business sale, for a business purchase or for a share buyback. We also offer forensic accounting and litigation support services in cases where assistance is needed within the areas of valuations, accounting, taxation and expert witness.

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