Advisory fuel rates from 1 June 2020

The advisory fuel rates for claiming back mileage in a company car from 1 June 2020 are as follows:

Engine size                          Petrol – amount per mile             LPG – amount per mile

1400cc or less                    10 pence                                             6 pence

1401 to 2000cc                  12 pence                                             8 pence

Over 2000cc                        17 pence                                             11 pence


Engine size                         Diesel – amount per mile

1600cc or less                    8 pence

1601 to 2000cc                  9 pence

Over 2000cc                        12 pence

For the purposes of claiming back mileage, hybrid cars can be treated as either petrol or diesel. The above rates apply from 1 June 2020 but you can use the previous rates up to 30 June if desired.

Advisory Electricity Rate

For fully electric cars, employees can claim back 4 pence per mile when using the car for business purposes. Electricity is not classed as a fuel for car fuel benefit purposes.


Given the government’s changing stance on company car taxation and the move towards ‘greener’ cars, it is often worth revisiting which car you drive or which cars you offer in the company car fleet. There are tax considerations for both the employer and employee who will be keen to optimise the tax position whist driving cars that fit the purposes of the business/individual.

If you are thinking about your options, we can explain them to you and help you understand which course of action might ‘tick the boxes’. It is important that all aspects are considered, not just tax, so that an informed decision is made.

If this is an area you’d like help with, please contact Helen Sewell on 01527 558539 or [email protected]  Helen is experienced in all matters of employer and employee taxation, such as benefits in kind, payroll and also advises on all manner of personal tax issues. We also provide advice in the areas of probate, inheritance tax and estate planning to help you protect and preserve your wealth.

Advisory fuel rates from 1 December 2019