Advisory fuel rates from 1 December 2013

The advisory fuel rates have been changed. The new rates are effective for all journeys taken on or after 1 December 2013 and are shown in the table below.

If you would like to discuss how to apply the rates and the associated tax effects, please contact Helen Sewell, [email protected] or call Helen on 01527 558539.

Engine   size




1400cc   or less

14p (15p)

9p (10p)

1401cc   – 2000cc

16p (18p)

11p (11p)

Over   2000cc

24p (26p)

16p (16p)

1600cc   or less

12p (12p)

1601cc   – 2000cc

14p (15p)

Over   2000cc

17p (18p)