Advisory fuel rates – Sep 2016

For employees claiming back mileage when using a company car, the advisory fuel rates from 1 September 2016 are below. Note employees can use the previous rates up to 30 September 2016.

Hybrid cars can be treated as either diesel or petrol for the purposes of claiming back mileage.

Engine size                     Petrol – amount per mile                LPG – amount per mile

1400cc or less                11 pence                                              7 pence

1401cc to 2000cc          13 pence                                              9 pence

Over 2000cc                  20 pence                                             13 pence


Engine size                     Diesel – amount per mile

1600cc or less                9 pence

1601cc to 2000cc          11 pence

Over 2000cc                  13 pence