Advisory fuel rates from 1 Dec 2017

Advisory fuel rates from 1 December 2017

There are new rates applicable from 1 December when claiming back business mileage using a company car.

The previous rates can be used up until 31 December 2017.

From 1 December 2017, the rates are as follows:

Engine size                          Petrol – amount per mile             LPG – amount per mile

1400cc or less                     11 pence                                              7 pence

1401cc to 2000cc               14 pence                                              9 pence

Over 2000cc                        21 pence                                              14 pence


For Diesel cars, the rates are:

Engine size                          Diesel – amount per mile            

1600cc or less                     9 pence

1601cc to 2000cc               11 pence

Over 2000cc                        13 pence


For drivers of hybrid cars, these can be treated as either petrol or diesel for the purposes of claiming back mileage.

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Advisory fuel rates from 1 December 2017

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Link to HMRC website pages specifying the rules around mileage in company cars.