Act to retain your child benefit and child tax credits

For those still in receipt of child benefit and/or child tax credits, you may be at risk of losing these amounts unless you correctly notify HMRC of your child’s circumstances.

Child benefit stops on the 31st August following a child’s 16th birthday unless they remain in education or training. The same applies to the child tax credit. However, the payments can only continue provided the parent has notified the Child Benefit Office and/or the Tax Credit Office at HMRC.

Failure to notify can result in a reduction in payment or the payments stopping altogether and please note that if you believe you are entitled to receive both payments, you will need to notify both offices. Notifying one office does not count as having notified both!

Here are the rules in more detail. We can help you understand them and are on hand to answer any specific queries you have in this area – contact Helen Sewell on [email protected] or call Helen on 01527 558539.

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Sep 2013

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