Fancy adding some value? Ask a good accountant

What’s a good accountant worth to your business? There’s more to it than just managing the numbers, it’s about helping to manage the entire performance of the business; throughout the year ideally and not just a single meeting to sort the end-of-year return.

At Curo Chartered Accountants we believe a good accountant is a great asset to any business. The best are not just good at high level strategic advice, but good at understanding your business and how to help it grow.

Clearly your accountant needs to be able to grab a balance or profit & loss sheet, take a look at the numbers and quickly understand the core health of the business. And at Curo we know that one of most critical part of the accountant’s role is understanding what will happen to the cash, how it should be used and knowing where it’s already gone.

This is because good accountants work with cash, not just concepts! An accountant worthy of the name knows that getting your business model right will provide you with a competitive edge.  For any new business, getting this right from the start will make a massive difference to their outcomes.

Your accountant does not have to be your new best friend, but having a personal rapport is vital to building a professional relationship that allows frank discussions about difficult subjects. The view of accountants is changing and there are more like us now; direct, pragmatic, proactive and on your side. We’re there to encourage you, to coach and advise you.

But the main reason you should nurture a positive, personal relationship with your accountant is the potential they have to significantly influence the success of your business.

Above all else, a good accountant will bring with them bags of experience and knowledge dealing with businesses of all sizes and complexity, across a range of sectors. They will know your market, and the challenges you face. They will understand the specifics of your sector and ensure you only pay for the time they spend solving your problems, rather than time spent coming up to speed.

A good accountant is someone that cares about your business and wants to build a long term relationship. And remember, the growing success of your business benefits your accountant, as it does you, so look for those like us here at Curo who want to know all about you and your business, not just the figures on your balance sheet..