Seven reasons why you should do your tax return earlier

Did you file your tax return after the deadline? Was it a stressful experience that you’d rather not repeat?

You’re not alone. With the recent 31st Jan tax deadline in the past, here are some good reasons why you should consider getting your tax return done a bit earlier next time:

  1. Less likelihood of errors – do it right and stay off HMRC’s radar
  2. It’s less stressful (for you and your accountant if you use one!)
  3. You’ll receive any tax refund due even earlier and have more time to budget for your tax payments
  4. You can complete it in the quieter months along with getting up to date with other tax admin etc – be more organised for the next tax year!
  5. More availability of resources if you need help (HMRC and accountants are generally less stretched over the summer)
  6. You can have qualifying underpayments coded out if your tax return is filed by 30 Dec
  7. There’s more time to correct any errors in your current tax code


If you have any queries about your personal tax position, please contact Helen Sewell on [email protected] or 01527 558539.

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