3 challenges we’ve faced & conquered

3 challenges we've faced and conquered

Since establishing Curo Chartered Accountants in 2005, we’ve faced our fair share of challenges and sticky moments – some learning curves have been a lot steeper than others! We need to keep on top of our game with all the technical stuff & deliver the best solutions to our clients. We also run the business, which involves hiring & retaining great people, sticking to our business strategy and getting our hands dirty with things like building extension works & IT issues. It’s absolutely never dull! Curo’s co-founder Anna Madden’s top 3 challenges are:

  1. Getting started with no clients and 4 kids under 5 years of age. We knew what we wanted the business to be and we had the skills & motivation to succeed but those early days were our toughest test.
  2. Once established, becoming more of a robust practice was the next challenge. Recruiting talent is key and we’ve now got a good balance of specialists and personalities! Issues like cyber security are also important and we have some great contacts who’ve helped us keep our systems and data secure.
  3. We do a lot of myth-busting. A few years ago we were often asked if Curo was all women! Our male:female ratio is currently 50:50 exactly.

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